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Super RDP and cost-effective client hardware for Microsoft RDP.

Designed for Windows Virtual Desktop!

RX RDP Thin Client NComputing 

easy management

low cost

high security


Thin clients in the home office

When your own four walls become an office with NComputing Thin Clients!

The current situation is forcing many employees into the home office. But also recurring events and new flexible working models for employees require the administrator to find solutions for implementation. Existing IT infrastructures should be able to cope with the new approaches and the question of feasibility in conjunction with thin clients in RDP, Citrix or VMWare environments also arises. NComputing offers you solutions in combination with your preferred software. Our Thin Clients also offer you many advantages in your home office. The avoidance of mixing of private and company internal data, as well as the security and the administration effort with the compact RX Thin Clients can also be realized in the home office with NComputing solutions. As a Citrix user you can still enjoy the advantages of the optimization for Skype for Business and dual monitor users get their money’s worth with the NComputing RX thin clients. With it the own four walls of your employees become the office!

The cloud based thin clients

The NComputing thin clients RX-RDP and RX-420-RDP are among the newest clients in the NComputing product portfolio. As the name suggests, the thin clients are optimized for Microsoft Remote Desktop Services (RDS). The RX-RDP series offers easy-to-implement and cost-effective thin clients for small and medium-sized enterprises (SMBs). Not directly recognizable is the possibility to extend the management for the administrator via the NComputing Pi Management Center. Via a user-friendly web interface, you can control and manage your clients without sacrificing security.

Manage your remote desktops easily, securely, and anywhere.

RX RDP Thin Client NComputing Anwendung  Illustration Desktop Virtualisierung
RX RDP Thin Client NComputing Anwendung Arbeitsplatz

Optimized for Microsoft RDS

NComputing’s RDP thin clients are fully optimized for Microsoft Remote Desktop Services (RDS). Hardware and software harmonize together and the activation of the RDS service RemoteFX increases the visual representation of your content. Hosting systems with supported graphics cards will especially benefit from this.

Get more out of your remote desktops for RDP!

Ncomputing Super RDP für Thin Clients 

Super RDP for Multi Media

By conserving hardware resources and bandwidth, the RX-RDP allows more sessions to be run at the same time with the same good user experience. Jerky images when streaming high-resolution media can be avoided. This is especially interesting for the use of RDP in medium-sized businesses and in education. As with other RDP thin client solutions, avoid jerky and blurred images in the stream.

The RX-420-RDP Thin Client can deliver up to 4K resolution.

More computing power. Less hardware, less costs.

Customize your computing needs to suit the circumstances in your organization. With cloud computing, hardware costs can be flexibly scaled up and down. If your company grows, the costs for internal hardware, e.g. servers, usually grow as well. You can easily control this cost factor with the integration options of the NComputing thin clients in AWS or Microsoft Azure.


Windows Virtual Desktop

Extend your Windows Virtual Desktop benefits with thin client solutions from NComputing. Scale your modern workstations with maximum flexibility! Reduce your maintenance effort and take full advantage of BYOD approaches. Download Solution Brief now and learn more:

About the RX RDP Thin Client Series

NComputing is the fastest growing desktop virtualization company with more than 70,000 customers and 20 million daily users in 140 countries.SMB and Enterprise customers are served in different markets with different use cases.With innovative and award-winning technologies, NComputing offers its customers an impressively fast ROI with cost-effective, high-performance desktop virtualization solutions.The new basis of the NComputing RX RDP thin client series is the Raspberry Pi.Depending on the model, the Raspberry Pi 3 or Pi 4 is installed as hardware. The new RX-420-RDP thin client is equipped with the Raspberry Pi 4 hardware and can therefore shine with dual display support with only one client and USB 3.0. Generally NComputing is specialized in VDI and terminal server virtualization and is one of the leading experts in the thin client industry.To date, more than 3 million terminals have been delivered to satisfied customers.The RDP solutions are unique in the thin client market. Conventional thin clients are mainly based on X86 hardware and this is particularly reflected in the high price.NComputing offers a new approach for this: The potential of terminal server and VDI solutions can be fully exploited.The thin clients and RDP products from RDP stand out with some advantages over other manufacturers.They can be easily and quickly integrated into schools, small and business as well as start up and enterprise customers.Administrators of remote desktop environments benefit from simple, centralized and secure management of thin clients and can save the budget for additional workstations.If you are interested in thin clients with Linux support, you should have a look at the RX300 thin clients.



In addition to the reasons mentioned above, such as low costs, high security standards, low energy consumption, central management of thin clients and user-friendliness, there are many other advantages that speak in favor of the RDP client solutions from NComputing. 

  • Optimized for deployment of Microsoft Remote Desktop Services (RDS) and VERDE VDI.
  • Easy to Deploy, Wi-Fi Capable, Centralized Management and Low Cost of Ownership
  • Support of Microsoft RDS (RDP protocol) for RemoteApp and Remote Desktop connection as well as VERDE VDI (RDP protocol)
  • Full multimedia playback with Microsoft RemoteFX and NComputing SuperRDP (vCAST Streaming) support (requires separate SuperRDP license).
  • Multimedia enhancement through Microsoft RemoteFX and NComputing SuperRDP support (requires separate SuperRDP license).
  • Comprehensive USB peripheral support
    Dual monitor display function
  • Integrated PMC device management software for central administration

The RDP Thin Clients RX-420-RDP and RX-RDP generally differ in the hardware used and the associated technical possibilities for your workstations. An example is the integrated dual screen capability of the RX-420-RDP. The RX-RDP requires a dual monitor dongle to use a second display. This is not necessary for the RX-420-RDP Thin Client. In addition, the RX-420-RDP comes with USB 3.0, 5 GH/z WLAN and improved processor.

The Pi Management Console (PMC) allows you to manage your installation over local and remote networks, behind firewalls and NAT routers. Automatic detection, check-in, flexible configuration and deployment of new devices make deployment easy.
Schedule firmware updates and manage all your devices through a web browser.Planen Sie Firmware-Updates und verwalten Sie alle Ihre Geräte über einen Webbrowser.

We will gladly provide you with a free device for testing in your environment. You can do the test above and find the right thin client for you. If you are eligible for our POC, an NComputing employee will contact you promptly after your request.

Microsoft Windows Servers*
• Windows Server 2016, Windows Server 2016 (Multipoint Services)
• Windows Server 2012 R2 U1, Windows Server Multipoint Server 2012
• Windows Server 2008 R2 SP1
Microsoft Windows Desktops (for 1-1 VDI)**
• Windows 10, 8.1, 7 SP1

The Linux based operating system for the Raspberry Pi devices is unfortunately not available in the RX RDP thin client version. If you want to reach the Linux interface on the client, you should have a look at our RX300 thin clients.

Optional Super RDP Server Pack license available (to enable vCAST video streaming in the RDP session).
Optional AMP for RX-RDP subscription for next year software maintenance update and enhanced support.

The purchase of an RX-RDP device includes an license for PMC.